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Aries school newspaper-senior edition





Remember the School newspaper "Aries"?

Here are some excerpts from the May of 1976 edition. Sit back, relax and inhale deeply the faint scent of mimeograph paper.


Flower: Daisy

Class Colors: Green and Yellow

Motto: “We shall not forget our past, but use it as a key to open the doors to our future.”

There will be 107 students graduating out of the Class of 1976


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Seniors of ’76 are Special “What have you enjoyed the most this year being a Senior?”
In the year 1999 our Seniors will be: What Event Happened To a Senior You Remember Most?
Seniors are Remember?
Music For Seniors Lifers
What I'll miss most A lot of laughs; a lot of fun


Seniors of ’76 are Special

Graduation. It’s hard to believe that the seniors are really going to be graduating. It doesn’t seem long ago that they first came to G.C.H.S.  The friends they’ve made during their first years have been the ones that have meant the most to them.  We have all shared many happy times together, and with each passing year they’ve added more memories to recall with pleasure and nostalgia.

After graduation they will go their separate ways, perhaps never to see many of their friends again for years.

Therefore, it is important to realize the many friends that one does have and to value those friendships.

They will be making many new friends but the SENIOR CLASS OF ’76 will always mean something special to us.

(This was actually written in 1976..who knew)

“What have you enjoyed the most
this year being a senior?”

Staci W.: Being with people that have a good sense of humor and that like to cause trouble.

Vickie J.: Being a senior, my last year!

Julie N.: Riding around with Hopp!  And also causing trouble.

Crystal H.: Riding around with Nixon and causing more trouble.

Patty N.: Terrorizing the square with Sandy.

Jeff G.: My lunch breaks with some of the work-study students.

Wendell H.: Doing anything I want and not giving a damn!

Marcia J.: The thought that we don’t have to come back next year.

Mike K.: Raising a little _ _ _ _!

Geri H.: Working

Joni L.: From January 9th on.

Stacy A.: Knowing I get to get out before the sophomores and juniors.

Neil H.: raising _ _ _ _!

Charles L.: Freedom

Keith H.: To be able to be burnt in school.

Dean S.: Getting out!

Duane O.: Nothing.

Jane H.: Knowing it’s my last year.

Sherri M.: Snow days!

Terri M.: When Dick came to school.

Kevin Y.: The pot.

Mark O.: Nothing

Burk A: Going to Mr. Jackson’s work-study.

Chuck C.: seeing how many dumb things I can do without being caught.

Mark M.: Having J.G. call me a pervert.

Bill B.: The end of it.

Joe B.: Seeing what I can get away with and not caring.

Scott K.: Graduating.

Karen R.: Goofing around and having a good time, also not having to worry about grades.

Louann M.: Knowing that it’s your last year in school and being able to spent it with friends

Melissa S.: Counting the days until I get out.

Randy B.: Seeing strange things.

Susan P.: It’s your last year!

Phillip S.: Enjoy getting good grades.

Doug H.: Doing anything you want because you’re a SENIOR!

Jim P.: Not anything

Larry L.: Listening to Pat G. babble endlessly about nothing.

Jeff E.: Being a member of the superior class.

Daniel N.: Telling Hunt secrets.

Patti B.: Not being here

Leanne K.: The weekends

Tim M.: The excitement of almost being in college.

Lisa P.: Not being here

Vonnie G.: Sitting next to Kathy V. in band.

Vernon B.: Being sure you’ll get out for sure in the spring.

Jacque Y.: Being less concerned at what I do.

Steve H. : Fine Arts Night

Kim P.: Nothing really

Anthony B.: The KAT!

Greg S.: Running the mile in my underwear!

Bill T.: Being my last year.

Phil S.: Getting my diploma at the end of the year.

Mike S.: Skipping

Jim P.: The Holidays

Debbie K.: Bossing the other underclassmen around.

Sheryl R.: Getting out.

Dan K.: Not going to afternoon classes.

Anita V.: Passing your history class to graduate.

Mark M.: Not having to do very much of anything.

Terry P.: Just being a senior.

Leann C.: Finding out you don’t have to do nothing!

Teresa M.: Only going half the day.

Ed W.: Being my last year in high school.

Patti H.: Graduating

Mike C.: Not being married.

Roxanne H.: Going to work.

Bryan M.: The Art Department.

Mickey A.: The play M.A.S.H.

Bob S.: Getting out

Mike B.: Raising _ _ _ _!

Tom H.: The puny sophomores.

Cindy G.: Only going half the day.

Ron P.: Having Seniority!

Roger R.: Senior Skip Day

Chris P.: Playing cards in second period study hall.

Mark J.: The senior parties.

Melodye R.: The week before and after state wrestling.

Laurie M.: It would be your last year.

Dennis F.: Graduating

Ken D.: Being taller than everybody else.

Carleen G.: Just being around my friends.

Pat G.: Nothing in particular

David G.:  Knowing that I’ll get to go to the marines.

John Y.: Watching the patio dry up after it’s rained.


In the year 1999 our SENIORS will most likely to be:

Jose Alvarez: Tennis Champion of the World

Burk Anglin: Owner of a Laundromat

Stacy Anglin: A Nun?

Anthony Barton: Owner of a cat store

Joe Bussey: King of Candy World

Ken Doocy: Maytag repairman

Dana Crouch: A go-go dancer

Chuck Coffey: Owner of the Butternut Corporation

Jeff Evans: A kneecap washer

Scott Kruse: A painter

Mike Kent: A mortician

Jeff Goos: Psychiatrist

Geri Hindman: Secretary

Vonnie Grudle: An opera singer

Joni LeFever: A bubble gum taste tester

Teresa McGinnis: All-American mother

Laurie Maiers: Miss USA

Mark Osler: Roach farmer

Daniel Nutting: Director of porno flicks

Melodye Rohrberg: A cheerleader

Calvin Weber: A typing teacher

Phil Stinard: President of the US

Greg Stoppel: Mile runner

Wendell Hunt: A soap opera star

Mike Carlson: Owner of Pizza Hut in Malvern

Pat Ginavan: Marriage counselor

Scott Kisby: War hero

Mark Jones: Mad scientist

Ron Palmquist: Rock singer

Chris Pazderka: Switchboard operator

What Event That Happened To a Senior
Do You Remember Most?

Evie Phillips: The time that Mark Jones decided to become a poet.

Cindy Lindstrom: The time Greg Stoppel ran the mile in his underwear.

Dan Pazderka: The time Keith Hansen wrecked his car.

Deanne Lincoln: The times in Publications when Calvin Weber got blamed for talking when most of the time it was Evie and I.

Shelley Young: The time Keith Hansen’s pants ripped at the dance after the play.

Betty Hindman: The time Mark Jones’ locker was sabotaged.

Cheryl Ginavan: The time Jeff Evans mooned the whole square.

Daryl Hartley: The time Jeff Goos dropped his drive shaft going 140 MPH!

Jeanette Djureen: The time both Calvin and I farted at the same time.

Steve Wignall: The time Keith Hansen put his hand through the window.

Steve Jacobsen: The 4-play between Brian Miller and Julie Mingo

Joanna Osler: The time Leanne Carlson shot Genelle Sieck in the behind with an arrow.

Carla Hansen: When Keith moved away from home.

Lorraine Lundy: The time I helped Marsha Johnston and John Delashmutt get back together

Kerri Kulbum: The time Steve Henry directed the band.


bulletNo minds!
bulletOlder than the rest of us
bulletGetting goofy towards the end of the year
bulletWhat we’ll all be someday, hopefully
bulletBig (Ha!)
bulletSmoking in the bathroom
bulletIntelligent, just like me
bulletSad towards the end.


bulletSaying the Pledge of Allegiance every day
bulletEasy Shop Grocery
bulletPlaying War ball
bulletTennis shoes and Tee shirts
bulletThe 2-footer in the boys’ bathroom
bulletThere were no “yellow” passes
bulletGirls’ wore hot pants
bulletNo one had a driver’s license
bulletBuntaine taught shop
bulletNo one could drink LEGALLY
bulletParties were on the square
bulletMany people loved Nebraska
bulletMcClinton was the head coach of football
bulletS.K. sharpened carrots in the pencil sharpener
bulletEveryone had a Yo-Yo
bulletC.W. went with M.M.
bulletBank basement parties
bulletHays spanked kids
bulletK.D. liked D.D.
bulletSigns in Junior High “Get High on Sports”
bulletAnthony’s peep show
bulletGirl and boy friends didn’t fight
bulletLighting alcohol in Conrad’s room
bulletChemistry experiments
bulletPassing Government tests
bulletThe bombs in band
bulletMayberry and Taylor
bulletJeff beat Mark up at a Kindergarten party
bulletHow K.R. got to be Barbie
bulletTeacher Gregory hit Junior Gregory at practice
bulletThe first time you got letter grades
bulletPhysics classes conducted at Slick’s
bulletProm, sports, school work, school lunches, assemblies, music, P.E., skipping classes, your friends, your enemies, and the fun you had.

Music For Seniors

Three Dog Night


Doobie Brothers

Simon and Garfunkel

The Carpenters


Paper Lace


Bad Company



Elton John

Alice Cooper

David Bowie


Rolling Stones

Grand Funk


ZZ Top

Carole King


Jefferson Starship


Led Zeppelin

Cat Stephens

Leon Redbone


Dobie Gray

King Harvest

Black Sabbath

Leo Sayer


The Jackson 5

The Osmonds

Freddie Fender

Olivia Newton-John

R.E.O. Speedwagon


The following students have been in the Glenwood school system since first grade:

Patti Bacon Anthony Barton Mike Buffington
Charles Coffey Dana Crouch Cindy Graalfs
Dave Greenwood Doug Hammer David Harley
Patti Hawkins Geri Hindman Crystal Hopp
Neil Houser Wendell Hunt Vicki Johnson
Marcia Johnston Mark Jones Dan Kahl
Debbie Kahl Scott Kisby Todd Kruse
Larry Leet Joni LeFever Charles Lincoln
Laurie Miers Gary Mayberry Mark Mayberry
Louanne Mayberry Mark McKee Sherri McLean
Terri McLean Terry Parham Chris Pazderka
Kim Pien Susan Perkins Lisa Plumb
Melodye Rohrberg Phil Schoening Melissa Scroggs
Genelle Sieck Dean Stacy Phillip Stinard
Staci Wallace Calvin Weber Ed Whitcomb
John Yates Jacque Young  

As a Senior: what I'll miss most

Being around friends
Mr. Hale-what a laugh
Hot Lunches (ha-ha)
Skipping-which is one thing I won't be able to do in college
Drinking every weekend
7th hour study hall
Being superior to everyone else
Eating 'canteen' breakfasts at 8:30

Getting to school at 8:35
Parking in the 'privileged persons' parking lot
Going to work on Work Study
All the latest gossip
Being first in the lunch line
All the wonderful (!!!) sophomores and Juniors

School has been lots of laughs to the Class of '76. No matter how hard they worked or how they got their kicks


To Phillip and Steve it meant the honor roll with schemes along the way

To Mike C., it was nothing more than just a skipping day

To Gary M., it meant sports and girls and cutting up in class

To Kent it was seeing how many girls to whom he could make a pass

To Melodye, it was happy times and watching all the boys

To Anthony, it meant being frivolous and making lots of noise

To Nixon, it was lots of giggles and lots of funny laughs

To Crystal, it was yearbook staff and taking photographs

To Mike S., it was cattle and taking FFA

To Teresa, it was being coach while in the Junior play

To Dean S., it was something extra added-being married

And Jacque will never forget all the books she had to carry

To Chuck, it meant discovering what Algebra is all about

To Burke, well he just couldn't wait until the time that school was out

To Laurie, it meant being Homecoming queen and having lots of fun

And Keith created arguments which of course he always won

To Sherri and Terri, it meant always being stereotyped as 'a twin'

To Doug, it was the same routine over and over again

To Bryan, it was being the best artist of all

To Rich, it meant wishing that he were really tall

To Todd, it was having a Caprice while striving for a Corvette

To Mark, it meant acting up with his ever-present wit

To Karen, it was being engaged and playing in the band

To Larry, it was walking with Kris down the hall

And Bussey was quiet and solemn (ha!) but really a demon a heart


And you think you've seen the last of us but this is just the start!



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