Glenwood High School - Class of 1976

30th Reunion Saturday

30th Reunion Thursday
30th Reunion Friday
30th Reunion Saturday
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30th Reunion Saturday
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Todd, John, Vonnie and Scott with Vaughn Wasenius

Vernon and John giving their book report on "A Separate Peace" to Jean Strom

Joanie Palmquist, Gordon Woodrow, Ron and Wendell


Vonnie and Joe

Randy and Jeff

"Vern...detention's not that bad..."

Ron and Joanie Palmquist with Gordon Woodrow

Louann and Chrystal Rodgers

Beth and Jackie

Ron Kohn and Jeff

Rick Anderson and Jean Strom

Julia and Vernon

Todd, Randy and Dennis

Bill, Patti, Lori and Mark

Terri and Louann

Randy, Dennis and Sheryl

Bill Bugbee and Gordon Jackson

Julia and Doug

Eileen Smith, John and Jean Strom

Wendell, Dana, Doug and Patti

Vernon and Chrystal Rodgers

Jeff, Gordon Jackson and Kevin

Gordon Jackson, Jean Strom and Bev Blasi

Chrystal, Vernon and Louann

Eileen Smith and Jean Strom

Vernon and Gordon Woodrow

Rene and Charles Coffee

Stacy and Christine

John, Joe and Christine

John and Christine

Keith and Doug

Mike, Jeff and Bill



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