Glenwood High School - Class of 1976

32nd Reunion

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32nd Reunion

Gracious thanks and much appreciation to everyone that donated money and time to help make the reunion successful. Old friendships were renewed while new memories were made.

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Terri decorates

Dana prepares candles for the tables

Laurie and Rick Yates hang decorations

John makes the sign

John preps the Deathmobile

Jeff works on signage

Keith, Jeff, Tim and Jeff working on the float

Stacy and Keith

Keith and Tim


Jeff, Jeff and Wendell

Wendell, Rick, and Keith


A warrior strides into the arena

On the float

After the parade

Wendell, Joe and John

Jeff and Bob

Jackie and Rick

Wendell, Terri and Joe

Amy and Todd Kruse

Todd, Debbie and Doug

Dana and Tim

Dana and Patti

Ron and Wendell

Dana and Vonnie

Max and Joan Hammer

Dave Hein stops by to say 'Hi'

Mike and John

Wendell, Jackie, Joe and Tom Stover

Rick Yates, Jeff and Ron


John, Wendell and Terry pitching quarters

Todd and Vonnie

Wendell, Vonnie and Joe

Stacy, Jacque and Dana

Bob, Todd and Stacy

Doug, Mark and Terry



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