Glenwood High School - Class of 1976

34th Reunion

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34th Reunion

Thank you to everyone that helped make yet another reunion successful. We look forward to another great gathering for our 35th.

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Before the parade: Chuck Smith (driver) Doug, Patti, Luanne and John

John, Jackie, Sheryl, and Luanne

John and Jackie

Picture of the float in the newspaper

This year's gathering was held at the Breadeaux Pizza building at the east end of Sharp street. The search lights could be seen from I-29.

John whipped up some great home made pizza.

John presents an Honorary 76er citation given to Chuck Smith for services rendered (driving the float)

Friday night guests.

The Class of '75 stoped by to chat and watch fireworks. Dave Hartley chats with some of the 75ers.

We had a great vantage point to watch the fireworks after the game.

Dave Greenwood watches while John contemplates the tip jar.


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