Glenwood High School - Class of 1976

35th Reunion Friday

35th Reunion Thursday
35th Reunion Friday
35th Reunion Saturday

35th Reunion-Friday
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Todd and Vonnie

Jackie, Staci and Jacque

Jeff and Wendell

Chrystal and Bill

Mona, Patti and Stacy

John, Ken, Dana and Tim

Wendell and Joe

Jackie and Staci

Dave and LouAnne watch the parade

Jacque, Wendell and Joe

Mike Stewart directs the parade line-up

John, our driver Tim Hagen (Tom's Brother) and Neil Houser

Road side repairs were necessary

Howard (Jacque's husband) Jeff and Ken

Larry at the Legion after the parade

Chrystal, LuAnne and Vonnie


Tim, Ken, Lori and Stacy

Mona, Patti, Stacy and Laurie

The Deathmobile in front of the new winery on Friday night

Tim and Dana

Terry and Mike

Howard and Jacque

Dave, Jacque and Chrystal

Shannon (honorary 76er) took the Deathmobile out for a quick spin around the square

Notice the escort in the background

late night group shot

Stacy and Vonnie at the after party party

John, Denise, Chuck and Rene

Chuck serves up some pizza



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