Glenwood High School - Class of 1976






Why a class of 76 website? Why not? Do a search for a website for any other class from Glenwood? Go ahead...we'll wait...Find any? Didn't think so. From the class that has done so much for so's just one more thing that sets us apart.

It's designed to be a central point of reference for all that was, is and will be for the Class of '76

Who is managing the site? Doug Hammer

What will be on the site?
What ever we want. to other classmates personal and professional sites...message boards...updates on classmates and families. The list is endless.

Can I contribute? Absolutely! Anything you can send will only add to the site. You'll be seeing things you remember...things you forgot...things you wish to forget...all contributed by others for your enjoyment. Why not return the favor and send something?

Elementary school pictures from the East School, Mineola, Silver City, and Pacific Junction are needed. Scans of newspaper articles, past or current, pertaining to classmates, activities, events or any other pictures you have are desired.

I'll add some things from boys basketball and band. Who has articles from football, girls basketball, wrestling, track, softball baseball, cross country or golf? John Yates is in charge of articles from Tennis. (A bit of Trivia...John is the first recipient of a letter in Men's tennis from GCHS)

If you're unable to scan and live in or around Glenwood, send an e-mail to webmaster and I'll make arrangements to borrow your pictures and return them unharmed.

What is really wanted are video clips you may have. Did your parents take movies (this was before camcorders!) of athletic events, parades, homecomings or coronations? Do you have footage of a homecoming? VHS can be transferred to digital and placed on the site.

Please feel free to send me a link to your business or personal site, I'll add it.

What if I want to submit but remain anonymous? Your privacy will be protected and no information will be given out if that's what you want.

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