Glenwood High School - Class of 1976

Newspaper articles Sr. High

Senior Pictures
Junior year
Sophomore Year
Newspaper articles Sr. High
Heap of the week
Aries school newspaper-senior edition




Newspaper articles from Senior High

Senior year

McGinnis: Found in a field
Yates in Closet
Honor Roll
Pres Palmquist: "Replace Sophs"
Plumb is Miss National Iowa Teen
Pazderka named 2nd Runner up
Letters presented at Awards Day
Sr. Class officers Elected
Work Study Profile: Barb Richter
Bussey rushed to Mercy Hospital.
Kruse, Rohrberg, Hunt, Goos - Civic Minded
Kisby honored at Senior Banquet
Yates cowers as McGinnis falls ill; Leet sleeps
Grudle, Plumb, Richter & Crouch vie for crown


Hunt 2nd, Palmquist 7th; Parham out
Palmquist, Hunt lead "Best since '64"
Kruse homers in 7th; Jones hits .417

Young has five straight wins:
Young lobbers struggle first year

Offense and Defense: Ramettes have both
Harrier Richter just misses state
Golfers second at Atlantic

Fine arts

Marching Rams to South Dakota
Cast Selected for M*A*S*H
Goos, Anglin, Evans Star in M*A*S*H
GCHS presents M*A*S*H
Swing Choir Performs
76ers Act...
and sing...
and clown around
76er's entertain; nab honors at FA night

Junior Year

Publications Class 1975
Hunt, Leet selected to Boys State
Barton Necking but Hindman Meditating

Kent: Burner - Kruse: Mastermind


Hunt Ram Champ-Leet 2nd, Lundy 3rd
Palmquist shoots 96

Fine arts

'74-'75 Swing Choir
Drama Class performs at Jr. High

Sophomore year

Soph Officers Make Plans


Ram Matmen Open '73-'74 Season
Burroughs shoots 48; Palmquist 61

Boys JV BB
Coaches optimistic over Soph mat men

Fine arts

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