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Classmate Biographies



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Michelle (Alley) Johnson

LeAnn (Carlson) Nelson

Debbie (Bishop) Reeves

Ken Doocy

Jeff Goos

Vonnie (Grudle) Saucerman

Doug Hammer

Keith Hansen

Wendell Hunt

Vicki Johnson


Mark Jones

Todd Kruse Louann Mayberry Julie (Nixon) Childers
Christine (Pazderka) Mathias

Sheryl (Robinson) Cole

Jacque Young


Michelle (Alley) Johnson -Married to Gary Johnson for 24 years. Between the 2 of us, we have had 5 children and 12 grandchildren. We lost our son, Nick, last year in a car accident. I am a paralegal for 2 personal injury attorneys in the Old Market. We enjoy seeing our grandchildren, working in our garden, camping and eating out. We are very involved in our church, as well. Enjoying the empty nest, when one of our children aren't rooming with us for a while.


Debbie (Bishop) Reeves - Yes, I'm still in Glenwood. No, I never left.

After high school I married Dale McCurdy (later divorced) and was truly blessed with three great kids. My daughter, Lisa, married Bill Palmer and gave me the most wonderful grandkids in the world, Mikaela and Caleb . They live in Mineola. My son, Jason, lives in Iowa City and works for the Dept. of Natural Resources and my youngest son, Ryan, lives in Council Bluffs and works for Con Agra.

In 1994 I married Roger Reeves (Tabor) who helped me survive the death of both my parents, Dad in 1999 and Mom in 2000. To this day he is still the best friend I've ever had.

I'm actually writing this after our 35th Class Reunion "annual" Homecoming Parade. It was great seeing so many classmates and it was amazing to me how many of you I knew! You all looked wonderful and I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Afterwards at the Legion Hall for "refreshments" and catching up was truly a good time. Oh, and Joe, I owe you a beer. Next time.

All for now...76 Rules


LeAnn (Carlson) Nelson - I'm employed at Chartwells as the Director Retail, Marketing & Concession.

I've been married to John J. Nelson, who is employed at Lindsay Mfg. as the Operations Manager, for 31 years and have two girls age 29 and 22. We enjoy traveling, Harleys, gardening, walks, my children & animals.


Ken Doocy-For the past 26 years I have lived in the Austin TX. area. I have been married for 25 years and have two kids.

My wife Mary (a Fort Dodge farm girl and ISU graduate) is the orchestra director at the local high school, and plays professionally (viola) with the Austin Lyric Opera and other smaller groups. She’s been at it for a long time and looks forward to retiring (4 more years) and spending more time on her mom’s Ft. Dodge farm.

My oldest, Kate, is a senior at the University of Texas, majoring in Radio, Television and Film. She has worked with music producers (“Would you like cream with your coffee sir”) in Austin and is currently doing an internship with the Grammy Association. She has chosen a long shot career but I’m really proud of her determination and work ethic. She would have been a killer bean walker.

My son, Sam, is a freshman at the University of Wisconsin Eau-Claire. He is studying Information Systems and hopes to…have pizza for lunch. We’re just hoping he’ll remember to wash his clothes once in a while. He is also a member of their swim team. We’re not sure why he decided to deal with the winters of Wisconsin, but he was set on it so there he is.

I have been in the custom home building business for 26 years. I design and sell custom homes (Jeff Watson Homes) for people on acreage home sites just north of Austin. It’s been a great career and the Austin area has been a consistently good place to work. At some point my wife and I plan to live at least a portion of the year in Iowa. It would be nice to be around family and old friends. I look forward to seeing everyone at our reunion.


Jeff Goos - Stacy Wallace and I are still the youngest ones in the class – for whatever that’s worth – it wasn’t worth much when you all were getting driver’s licenses and we were still hitching rides.  (Thanks Wendell).

I’m having a lot of fun getting a firsthand look at adolescence from a parent’s perspective.  Better late than never – truly.  Gracie is 12 and Jackson is 10. They’re a lot easier on me than I was on my Dad at that age so it’s all good for now.  I’m told by those that have gone down this road before me that things change once they realize how cool they think they are so I’m bracing for that. So far they still like hanging out with me and Di but check back in five years.

Speaking of Di –  Diana Lawler is still tolerating me.  Amazing.  No accounting for taste and thank God because she is largely responsible for the good news in the previous paragraph.  Di is teaching 5th grade and still has the patience for us three kids in the house when she gets home at night.

I’m working at an insurance company as a compliance attorney.

And, I’m starting on my second decade of living in Silver City in the old farmhouse I grew up in.  Still mowing that same yard. Still fixing the same fence.  Somehow, loving it more than ever.

Thanks to all the 76ers for letting me hang with you guys all these years.  A Sept. 9 birthday means I could have been in the class of 77.  My parents made the right decision on that one.  It’s great to part of a legendary class… really, you should hear the locals talk – after 35 years we’re still famous and infamous. Onward.


Vonnie (Grudle) Saucerman - Gary and I just celebrated our 25th anniversary (May). Our youngest, Carly, just graduated from high school and will be finishing her AA in Winter to transfer to UW in the spring. Our oldest, Nathan, is attending WWU as a junior this year.

Gary and I had a big debate a few years ago (buy a 5th wheel/ or not). I won after we had my Hawaii 5-0 birthday. Since then we have taken an Alaskan cruise, spent some time in a Villa in Puerto Vallarta, and recently taken the kids on a Europe trip that included Paris, London, Edinburgh (Scotland), and Ireland. It still didn't cost as much as a 5th-wheel/ gas/ storage/ licensing/ etc. That's my rationale, and we still have proposed 5th wheel/RV payments that can be turned in to other trips, so that's how we roll in 2011



Doug Hammer - I'm still employed at Harlan Municipal Utilities in Harlan as part of the management team. While my title is Director of Marketing and I supervise our public relations materials, I also acquired oversight of the Telecom (Cable TV, Internet and Telephone) department last year. It's been a busy year at work as we are in the middle of a fiber to the home project, building a new office/operations center and hopefully a new water plant.

Many of you know I lost my dad last year. Over the last 13 months, I have spent a lot of time in Glenwood trying to settle the estate. (I don't think I knew how much stuff dad had accumulated through the years.)

Deb and I have been married 16 years now (First and only marriage. No kids. Three cats and numerous fosters) and are still actively involved as volunteers at the local city Pound. We spend a lot of time running cats and dogs to the vets office, on adoption transports and time at the pound.

I've tried to keep up with the car hobby but it's been hard. I did make two major trips to national shows; one in Carlise, PA and then a two week trip to a show in LA last year. On the way back from Carlisle, I did hit one of my bucket list locations; the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. While in LA, I got lucky and crossed another item off the bucket list: I got to see the Eagles at the Hollywood Bowl. One the way back from LA, I stopped in Las Vegas for a couple of days and saw Larry Leet. Deb and I are planning on attending a show in Las Vegas next March. and I may go to a show in Canada next fall.

I haven't played in a formal band for several years now (severe hearing loss. When we talk, speak loudly :) ) but I have been occasionally sitting in with a couple of local guys playing  acoustic guitar.

I'm still a big college football fan. We have tickets to Nebraska games so I get to spend 4 -5 Saturdays each fall going to games with mom. Now that NU is in the Big Ten, I'd like to go to more away games and see some classic stadiums like Michigan, Penn St. and Ohio State.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.


Keith Hansen - Hello fellow 76ers. My BIO update from previous one is short but sweet.

I was able to return to Federal Gov't employment and now reside in Manhattan, KS and am a Budget Analyst for the US Army @ Ft Riley.

The only real update that matters is that my daughter Lily Belle was born in Nov of 07. At the 30th reunion I held my niece's new born baby and knew right then what life was all about.

Got married to my wife Aggie 60 days later with Lily coming into the world the following fall. I could go on forever about her but  won't. I have included a picture of her first bass caught at 3 years old this past May. That apple didn't fall far from the tree. She is everything to me. Unless I transfer jobs I will not be able to attend the reunion as fiscal year close out for us Federal number crunchers begins 15 Sep and we are required to work 7 day weeks through 1 Oct. I can't believe Homecoming is so early this year. 76 RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Wendell Hunt - 2011 was a memorable year as we had two kids graduate from college. Our oldest Charles graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Economics. He’s living in Iowa City and working for the University. Our middle son Nick graduated from Georgia Tech with a degree in Industrial Engineering and decided to stay in Atlanta and work for an engineering consulting firm. (A girlfriend in Atlanta may have influenced his decision) Our youngest daughter, Savanna is a sophomore this fall at Pembroke Pines HS in Pembroke, Florida and attends Andre Kozlov’s Tennis Academy.

As for me, not much new other than aches and pains. I’m still married to Maggie (29 years) and working for John Deere (32 years). I still run a bit, play a lot of tennis, ride motorcycles and occasionally do things that get me in trouble. Something like that will probably happen at our 35th.


Vicki Johnson- Hi! Everyone well I can't believe it is coming up on our 35 year class reunion. Boy that makes me feel old hahaha.

Nothing has been happening with me. I moved to Missouri in June of 2006 to be closer to my dad. He was very sick back then so I wanted to be closer to him and my step mother. My mom died in July of 2001.

I work at Lakeland Regional Hospital as a behavioral health tech. It is a psychiatric hospital for children and adolescents with behavior problems. I have been there for 4 1/2 years. I am still single and loving it. I have 3 nieces and 4 nephews and 1 great niece and 2 great nephews. I have 2 step sisters; one that lives in St Louis and 1 that lives in Clever.

I hope to see everyone in 2011 if everything goes right. I live about 30 minutes from Branson but don't go there often... too many tourists. If you are ever down this way look me up would love to see you and talk.


Mark Jones - We are still living in the Columbus, Nebraska area and working in Monroe. The independent bank that I worked for was purchased in 2000 by Cornerstone Bank of York, Nebraska and now we are a branch.

Peg and I have three daughters. The oldest, Amanda is junior at UNO in Omaha and looking to have a Journalism/Business major in another year. The second daughter, Michele is a Senior at Columbus High and looking to follow her sister's foot steps to UNO next fall. The youngest Melanie is in the fourth grade.

Our family enjoys the outdoors, many pets, traveling and the girls especially love to shop.

We plan to attend the reunion and hope to see everyone there.


Todd Kruse - Since graduation I have been in some form of financial services, mostly banking. I'm a commercial lender at US Bank in Council Bluffs now. I have lived in Omaha/LaVista for about 25 years and have been married to my wife, Amy for eleven years. Amy is a fundraising event coordinator for the MS Society.

My oldest daughter, Kristen, 23, just graduated from UNO and is working at her first job as a graphic designer in Dallas, TX. Kayla, 21, is a junior at UNL in Hospitality Management. Amy and I have a son, Carson, who is 8 and a daughter, Camryn, who is 4.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the 35th. Lots of thanks to Doug, John, Dana, Jacque, Jeff and all of the other key people that help to organize the reunions. Thanks for keeping the Spirit of 76 going!


Louann Mayberry - Currently working as a nurse in the Osteoporosis Research Center at Creighton University. Also a member of the metro Omaha Medical Reserve Corp or a group of medical personnel that are called upon in disasters. I've helped vaccinate at clinics and lots of other interesting things. I'm also continuing to work on my "urban renewal project" aka my house in Council Bluffs. Can't wait to see everyone at the reunion!


Julie (Nixon) Childs - Oh, my where do I begin? Here's the condensed version. After high school l went and graduated from Iowa State with a teaching degree and my coaching certificate. I got married to Wray Childers and we moved to Dubuque, Iowa where we lived for about a year then we moved to Mason City where we lived for 19 years. I worked for Curries Mfg. as a customer service rep.

We had three kids - 2 girls and a boy - more about them later. It was a pretty normal life there. I coached all the traveling teams they were involved in - soccer, basketball, softball etc. Then we moved back to Dubuque to live on the farm that my husband's grandmother lived on.

We have 200 acres but don't really farm it - most of it is in govt. set aside. We rent out some of it and my son has 10 acres in the back that has a dirt bike track on it. Wray is a professional land surveyor and recreational farmer. I work for Medline Industries (largest privately held medical supply company in the country) - I am a supervisor with about 53 people under me. My oldest daughter Jenny is 26, graduated from Loras College and works in Dubuque.

My son Bobby is 25 and got married last year. In the summer, he works construction and from January to May he builds supercross tracks for the professional races that you see on TV. - He get to travel the country and continually rubs it into mom.

Emily is the youngest at 21 and has a graphic design degree but in this economy decided that freelance work couldn't pay the bills so she also works at Medline.


Christine (Pazderka) Mathias- (text to follow)



Sheryl (Robinson) Cole- Not much has happened since last time. The only thing different is I just divorced Ed Grindle. Now i am living in Kansas. Now I am a lot closer to my real mom and enjoying life here. Found my second ex and we are trying to make things work out. Sorry we won't be able to make it after all but I will be thinking about all the fun I will be missing. Have a good time everyone and remember 76 rules.


Jacque Young - Howard and I celebrated 29 years of marriage over Labor Day. Thanks (?) to Lisa Plumb in facilitating our meeting in the fall 1976-just kidding.

Still doing eyeballs-- wish I was retired with the addition of electronic health records this summer..luckily I have a great new associate who loves it so I consider myself an administrator.

Our business celebrated 60 years last year. We had four celebrations throughout the year. It was fun but a lot of extra work - for my employees.

My oldest daughter, Jessica, graduated from Bellevue Univ. with a degree in marketing management. When she did not find a job, I hired her = business write-off vs. donation.... She did update a lot of our forms and our website and put us on Facebook.

I ended up firing her for the third time... I would ask that she do something and she would respond- you don't need to do that... who's the boss here??

She has also started a pug rescue = Pug Partners of NE. She has many volunteers and nearly 2,000 "likes" on Facebook. My business has 192 "likes".... eyeballs must not be as exciting as pugs..

No grandkids - just grand pugs.

Jessica is planning the opening of her organic pet food store at 72nd and Pacific this fall after receiving approval on her business loan. With her "likes" on Facebook, she should be successful.

My youngest daughter, Whitney, will graduate from Bellevue Univ. this fall, with a degree in Graphics Design. She will turn 21 the week she receives her final credits. She wants to have her own business, too.

My mom is 85, battling Alzheimer's and sinusitis currently. Not a good combo. Bouncing between the hospital and Tabor Manor. She was in her own home until Aug 1, with the help of wonderful daily caretakers... As my daughters state = Alzheimer's sucks... I'm planning towards a heart attack in my mid 70's = McDonald's daily when I hit 70.

Being a primary caretaker for a parent is not easy, as I'm sure many classmates have experienced. Do what you have to do...

I am still involved with Kiwanis and just finished a 6 year board position with the Mills County Community Foundation, which grants over $125,000 each year to county non-profits. I have played 3 rounds of golf and some tennis this summer.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at our reunion this weekend!



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